Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

这是dafabet手机版(“大学”)根据2015年《dafabet手机版》的要求所作的第七次声明. 大学仍然致力于在其供应链和dafabet官方网址活动的所有其他领域解决人口贩运问题. In this statement we will provide an update on the actions we committed to achieve in our previous annual statement and, reflecting on our previous activity in this area, we will set out the progress that the University plans to take over the coming twelve months to ensure, as far as possible, that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in any part of our organisation or our supply chains.


The University’s Structure

The core business of the University is teaching, research and innovation, undertaken by five academic faculties, comprising of their own schools and departments, which are supported by a range of professional services departments.

The University’s Board of Governors is responsible for determining the educational character of the University, the mission of the University and for the oversight of its activities. The Board of Governors conducts its work through a number of committees. The University Executive Board is the senior executive decision-making body of the University, it is chaired by the Vice Chancellor and its membership includes the Executive Deans of each of the University’s five faculties, the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer, the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellors, the Executive Directors of Finance and Corporate Governance, and the Chief People Officer.

The University has approximately 3,500名员工及29名,000名学生(这是学生总数,包括远程学习的学生和那些在合作伙伴注册的学生). 大学由财务部门的集中采购和合同职能支持,交易采购下放给各个学院和专业服务部门.

Procurement in the University of Portsmouth

As a public body the University complies with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, and currently manages an external spend of approximately £110 million per annum. The diverse nature of the requirements involves dealing with a large number of suppliers, their sub- contractors and their supply chains.

大学的供应商包括尖端的科学/工程设备和教学所需的材料, research and innovation to the goods and services necessary to support the operation of a successful University. Modern slavery is considered as part of each category or project strategy where appropriate in terms of likelihood of incidence, and any relevant mitigating actions required are identified. An overview of the University’s spend categories is provided below:




The University conducts a large proportion of its spend via higher education purchasing consortia, 这样做的好处是,通过这些框架访问的供应商要接受框架提供者对现代奴隶制政策和实践的审查,以便被包括在内. 特别是,大学通过南方大学采购联盟(SUPC)和伦敦大学采购联盟(LUPC)进行采购。. 通过LUPC,大学可以获得电子观察的服务,该组织致力于保护全球电子工作者的权利.

NetPositive Framework Overall


The Procurement Manager is a member of the both the SUPC/LUPC and HEPA Responsible Procurement Groups, which deal with social and environmental aspects of supply chain management, including moving forward with the modern slavery agenda. 她也是大学可持续发展战略执行小组(“SSDG”)的成员,该小组的成立是为了执行大学的战略优先事项.

更新 on Activities

The table below provides an update on activity in relation to the targets set in last year’s Modern Slavery Statement:

目标 更新
在dafabet官方网址的采购流程中充分嵌入净收益未来工具,并就供应商使用该工具的情况提供有意义的数据,以制定强有力的方法来解决现代奴役问题. With this data we will identify key risk suppliers and work on supplier action plans as appropriate.

对目前的大学供应商进行了评估,对比那些已经使用净正期货工具的供应商,并创建了一个没有使用该工具的关键大学供应商的目标清单. Correspondence was sent to these suppliers to invite and encourage them to make use of the tool, which is free for suppliers to access and makes their credentials visible to a wide pool of public sector buyers.

除了, 那些被确定为潜在高风险的供应商被识别出来,并对他们的现代奴隶制陈述进行了桌面评估,以帮助提供尽可能全面的情况.



In the 业务 School, modules are taught that refer to issues of modern slavery - Leadership, 道德, Governance and Sustainability and Responsible and Sustainable 业务.

In Humanities and Social Science, modern slavery is a key aspect of a number of post graduate courses with some students completing PhDs on the subject.


Prof Leila Choukroune, Theme Director for Democratic Citizenship, works on issues of human rights and modern slavery.


该大学是负责任管理教育原则的成员,该原则是联合国支持的倡议,成立于2007年,作为一个平台,以提高世界各地学校的可持续性. 这是由Diego Vazquez Brust教授协调的,他还写了一些讨论现代奴隶制的文章:一篇与英国建筑业和联合国可持续发展目标有关, the second related to women in the artisanal mining sector in Ghana, the third related to circular economy and social inclusion in Brazil and Africa.

We endeavour to learn from our academic research and seek ways to apply this knowledge for the betterment of our supply choices.


根据dafabet官方网址对其他大学去年发表的声明的回顾,dafabet官方网址在今年的声明中加入了更多的图表形式的信息. We have also engaged with our Marketing team to ensure that the
document aligns with our brand guidelines.

制定负责任的采购政策,涵盖大学供应链活动的社会和环境方面, and will be supported by an action plan. Modern slavery will be an important theme within the strategy. The draft Responsible Procurement Policy was presented to the SSDG in April 2022. 从那时起,可持续发展目标开始制定气候积极计划,并将在适当的时候提交给大学执行委员会, and which contains a significant procurement element, so the Responsible Procurement policy is being delayed to align with the climate positive plan.


Activities for the Next 12 months

Drawing on learning from last year’s activities as outlined above, 大学承诺在下一年度现代奴隶制声明发表前完成以下目标:

  • Investigate how the University's investment strategy supports its modern slavery and human trafficking aims.
  • 请举例说明大学在现代奴隶制领域的教学和研究对dafabet官方网址的采购实践产生了哪些影响,反之亦然.
  • 开发净正期货工具的输出,以确定大学可能暴露于现代奴役实践的供应链的特定领域,并演示该工具在何处帮助大学决策.
  • Develop the University’s work on mitigating the modern slavery and human trafficking risks in the electronics sector, which has been identified as a key risk sector for the University.