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Explore all our city has to offer – from where to go and what to see, 对安顿下来的有用建议

We know when it comes to choosing a university, 你会看到dafabet官方网址课程之外的东西, 排名及设施. Because when you choose a place to study, you're also picking a place to live, work and play.

了解更多 about student life in Portsmouth – from 你会住在哪里, to the places you can go and things you can do once you're here – read the 成功的故事 dafabet官方网址最近毕业的学生,并得到所有的 帮助和建议 you need to make the right choice on where to study.


美食胜地, 很棒的独立商店, great green spaces – everything you need to work, rest and play is waiting for you in Portsmouth.



There are plenty of great reasons to choose Portsmouth for your university adventure – here are some of the best.




朴茨茅斯有很棒的地方, independent businesses from art galleries, 在酒吧, 餐馆和熟食店. Hear why local people and students chose and love Portsmouth. Explore more of what Portsmouth has to offer for your 学习之外的生活.

Cerys: When I first came to the open day for Portsmouth, I instantly fell in love with it. 

Imogen:  It's got such a really friendly atmosphere, even though it's a city it's quite a small city, so it feels really welcoming and homely. 

Andy:  I think Portsmouth is very forward-thinking. 

Joanne:  It's got a real independent spirit about it. 

Antony:  With the waterfront, the historic dockyard, a really good mix of nationalities. 

Lee-Anne:  Half my friends are from Nigeria, other half are from places like Czech Republic, and it's very interesting to meet new people.

Steve:  There's lots of cultural events, there's art galleries, there's music venues. 

Ben:  There's a great restaurant scene and a great nightlife scene as well. 

Claire:  There's 总是 new things popping up, new restaurants, new art shops, new things. 

Gareth:  Entertainment activities in terms of lots of bars and restaurants and loads of cool places to eat. 

Anthony:  And then there's so many shows you've got kite festivals. 


Anthony:  Big one that really helps the town is Victorious Festival and I think they're on their tenth year next year. 

Connie: It is such a really lovely community. 

Simon:  And I think after you've been here a while, you feel part of the community. 

艾琳:这种心情真是无与伦比. 你有海滩. 还有一种很好的社区意识. 

Megan:  The community feel just makes you feel like you're at home, away from home. 

Rikki:  I think it's got a really good mix of independent businesses. 

Luke: There's so many local independent businesses. 


Samantha:  When the sun is shining, there is nowhere better than Portsmouth. 

Holly:  You're only ever five/ten minute walk away from the seafront. 

安东尼:那是一个国际化的城市. 它能提供的东西太多了. 

Nehanda: Commercial Road, you have the city centre and the hub where it's all lively.  

Nathan:  Student nightlife is really, really good. 很多夜总会. 有很多事情要做. 

Nehanda:  But then as soon as you come to Southsea it's more like a lazy seaside town like you get to go to the beach. 

Samantha:  You just have to go down to the beach or the common on a sunny day and everyone's having picnics. 太美了. 

Holly:  Or you can enjoy the pubs and the clubs or the theatre in the main city centre. 

Gareth:  I love that kind of vibrancy of the city. 

Lee-Anne:  The weather is milder than other parts of England, so if you're someone who doesn't really want it to be cold, 总是, 这里很完美. 天会下雨,但天气还是很好. 

Antony:  I think that it's the perfect place to come and study a degree. 

加雷斯:我很喜欢. 我强烈推荐给任何人. 

Eliska: It's a big enough city to not be afraid to express yourself, 但它也小到足以被听到.


Take a look at 你会住在哪里 when you study at Portsmouth, 要多少钱, and what you'll get for your money – plus where to get housing sup港口 and how to get a guaranteed room in our halls.

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Our graduate employment rates are among the UK's best, with 94% of our students in work and/or further study (HESA Graduate Outcomes Survey, 2019/20). We're also a Top 10 University for Career Prospects (WhatUni Student Choice Award, 2022) and we're in the top 20% of all universities in England for graduate start-up activities (Knowledge Exchange Framework 2022).

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Find out about the guidance and sup港口 you'll get if you need a helping hand with academic life – or life in general – when you study with us at Portsmouth.

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dafabet官方网址一起学习是一个伟大的决定, but don't just take our word for it – read stories from our graduates about why they chose Portsmouth and how studying with us changed their lives.

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做出选择:做出选择的过程, 更容易申请和开始大学, dafabet官方网址整理了最有用的建议, guidance and advice – including what to do when you get your offers and results, 以及如何为第一天做准备.


Explore our teaching and learning spaces, where students can get hands-on with their coursework and projects.



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